Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali, and Your Miracles

I’ve never had the chance to personally meet Michael J. Fox let alone Mohammed Ali.

Yet I keep running across visual reminders that I should meet them or at least remember them.

Realistically, that’s no possible. Why?
I am as famous as the faceless person you see on the mass transit commute everyday.
Or “just another fan’ at a rock concert or a sporting event.

Just an ordinary person on a small footprint in the huge sea of blogs.
i’m reminded of Mohammed Ali when think of another boxes a relative, who died too young.
Word was he never lost an amateur fight. That was years ago.
He sounded frail over the phone in our last phone call while he was the hospital on his final fight.
I imagined him to be just like Mohammed Ali when he “could sting like a bee.”

Both Michael J. Fox and Mohammed Ali are heroes of mine for eternity.
Maybe they are the same for you.
Perhaps not.

I found Michael to be a personal guy—the kind of guy you can trust immediately.
in a time when good friends are hard to find, you’ll probably agree that Michael J. Fox would be a sure bet.

He’s got energy.
He’s got humour and laughs.
He’s got amazing will power.

Mohammed Ali would make a good coach and mentor for me. His steel-like eyes would pierce my weak spirit and prop me up like a father placing his young child on a high chair.
he could have been a dancer easily. He’d dance and evade his opponent’s hits.
A rebel and contrarian in his own right, only after his pride and often loud and boisterous mouth.

In spite of it all…

He got game.
He got style.
He is unstoppable.

Yet, in spite of their successes, fame, and failures, both Michael J. Fox and Mohammed Ali battle on with their current bonded physical state.

I suppose that a simple physical move we consider a normal must be super-human obstacle to overcome for them.

They persevere and endure like many who suffer Parkinson’s Disease in loneliness and pains of horizon.

You have love ones too. Friends and relatives that are in the ranks of the not-so-fortunate, physically as you or me.

Like MyLing who I dedicate my book “Prayer Warrior’s Circle” Volume 1. She’s a young single Mom who bravely faces her cancer treatments with the bravado of the best of the best. In a race against time, I dedicate portions of the sale from my book towards her medical expenses.

Or Paul, who doesn’t know when to stop and let go of his entrepreneurial spirit. He tires from time to time, but a root in’ tooting’ crowd of Entrepreneurs on “Fire Nation Elite” keeps him pump during his cancer-stricken days.
I am moved by his spirit and dedicate “Prayer Warrior’s Circle” Volume 3. Paul’s time may be short, but his spirit is unbroken. He’s a fighter like Mohammed Ali and he’s unstoppable like Mohammed Ali.

Michael J. Fox
Mohammed Ali
MyLing and Paul

…have a common bond and trait. It’s unmistakeable: they endure and with the hope and goals like Michael Masterson writes, “our greatest goals-our most worthwhile objectives wait for us on the other side of pain, panic, doubt, and worry.`’

But they or your loved ones shouldn’t be alone in their fight. I’ll put it bluntly; they need your fierce and personal prayers today.
The other hero in this post is one we can’t get or give enough of: Prayer. The kind of spontaneous prayer that enjoins, unifies, and energizes the spirit.

If you do one thing before leaving this blog, say a prayer any prayer in your chosen faith practice for your own special intentions and be thankful, rejoice, and the leave the rest to the a higher being or universe.

Expect your miracle today.

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