The Prayer Warrior’s Prayer Circle: Eyes Have Not Seen…Eyes Wide Open

My podcast’s intro and outro script recordings were delivered on a Thursday. I listened to the voiceover of a deep resonating sound of a woman focused on announcing “Prayer Warriors Circle.”
I tucked it neatly away in my Dropbox account, but yesterday I was drawn to to listen to the content more closely.

I created this podcast with a sample script for the new “Prayer Warriors Circle” case study and decided to step out of my comfort zone.

The podcasts would be a once fit with my Ebooks.

Without much fanfare, I posted the sample podcast with my mastermind group online forum site to get some feedback.
Maybe I’m like you—you feel the pressure to perform and know that criticism is either constructive or destructive.
And the thought of it is enough to send chills up your spine.

My thoughts drifted to Catholic Elementary School and a unforgiving Sister,only to be repeated in later years by a critical College English professor.

Gobs of doubts.
Lots of worries and fears.

Here you have your pet project about to be fed to the lions and it will be eaten for breakfast,lunch, and dinner in cyberspace.
I was preparing to be a gladiator about to get his rear end kicked by an unsympathetic audience, their thumbs pointed downward—a clear gin of disapproval.
I thought about the feedback I’d get from the audience I thought could be a mixture of atheists up to an occasional Christian.

I had mixed emotions.

One, an emotional joy to read acceptance and finally getting it done.
Two, a gripping fear of being ridiculed and labeled as an outcast.
Three, an uneasy feeling of being banned from the group as “different.”

It felt like an eternity as I moved the cursor to the forum’s remarks section, a journey that felt like an eternity.
And I click with my eyes wide open

The responses were varied— ranging from the normal to special. I thought comments were fair and I took them to heart.
Now I’m reading some of the responses, figuring that I’d get some good advice on how to make it better.

A though entered my mind while reading these comments.
“Do people really need prayer today?”

I pulled back from my chair.

‘Do prayer circles and prayer warriors help people to help themselves?”

What if it did make a difference? I mean an unexpected miracle here.
A physical or mental healing there.
A feeling of comfort during pain and grief from a sudden loss.

I decided to press on and keep towards my goal—for people like some of my readers and possibly you in mind to see if I can make a difference and positive impact in someone’s life.

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